November 29, 2022

Ventura Air Services Achieves Prestigious ARGUS Platinum Rating

Ventura Air Services CEO Nick Tarascio (left) oversees a safety inspection on one of his company’s planes with two maintenance personnel.

The ARGUS Platinum rating shows that Ventura embraces best practices and that we have a culture focused on implementing the highest security well beyond federal mandates.

Ventura Air Services, a growing private charter aviation company based in Farmingdale, Long Island, NY, has achieved the prestigious ARGUS Platinum Rating. This designation places the company in the top 25% of nearly 600 US-based charter operators and further validates a commitment to the highest level of safety held by an elite group of operators worldwide.

“At Ventura Air Services, we have a culture that is built on a commitment to operational excellence. We have always made safety our number one priority. Receiving the ARGUS Platinum Rating confirms that we have taken the right approach,” said said Nick Tarascio, CEO of Ventura Air Services.

The ARGUS Platinum Rating is the highest level of the ARGUS auditing standard which is only awarded to air charter operators who have demonstrated successful implementation of industry best safety practices in this regard. regarding their operations and maintenance. The ARGUS Platinum Rating consists of an audit that thoroughly examines the quality of the documented processes in place, in addition to the strength of the safety management system implemented by the operation. Achieving a Platinum rating means that the operation was reviewed for several days by a team of on-site auditors and then carried out all the corrective actions necessary to meet the standard.

Currently, in the ARGUS rating system, there are 584 rated operators in total; 134 Platinum, 7 Gold Plus, and 442 Gold. There are a total of 25 ARGUS-rated total operators with a fleet of 10 or more aircraft, of which only 11 (or 44%), like Ventura Air Services, achieved a Platinum rating.

“The ARGUS Platinum rating shows that Ventura embraces best practices and that we have a culture focused on implementing the highest security well beyond federal mandates. Our clients and the brokers we work with can choose and recommend us with confidence. This distinction reaffirms that each of our aircraft, personnel and operations have met and exceeded the highest standards in the industry,” added Tarascio.

In addition to the ARGUS Platinum designation, Ventura Air Services has also received International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations, or IS-BAO Stage 1 certification. business in the world.

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About Ventura Air Services

Ventura Air Services has been providing aircraft charter, sales and maintenance services for over 60 years. The company’s fleet includes Bombardier Challenger 604s, Learjet 55s, Learjet 35As and Cessna Citation Excel 560s. Its aircraft can seat between 7 and 11 passengers and are available for flights throughout the Western Hemisphere. As an FAA Part 145 certified repair station, Ventura maintains, manages and repairs all of its own charter aircraft. A core part of the company’s operations is providing dozens of life-saving organ transplant flights for major hospitals in the New York area each month. For more information about Ventura Air Services, visit:

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