December 7, 2022

IATA – Air Oil Services

Original thinking, a drive to excel and an international outlook

I am a big believer in learning. People gain enormously in confidence when they become more informed. It makes them want to approach things differently. It’s not just about a certificate, but what they can get out of it and how they can get it back into the system. These IATA diplomas definitely help me achieve my goals and I can see the difference in my team. They deepened their understanding with this training. Their way of speaking is different. They challenge our existing processes and are able to look at them differently. They think outside the box, more intuitively, and they have become passionate about it.

They look for different paths to achieve the same goals, think about how to improve operations and processes, continually update our documentation, improve our safety culture. Our in-house training instructors were inspired to enhance our already above average basic training. Even less experienced team members question the way we’ve always done things because the courses have motivated them to learn more, and because what they’ve learned they can apply immediately. . For example, one of the risk management instructors shared a methodology used by a certain big oil company, and that gave the idea to a group to review one of our processes and adapt it, so it now has more meaning. I’m proud of what they do; and they have also gained a different perspective, thanks to IATA’s international perspective and experience, which puts them on a better footing with potential customers outside of Egypt. The value of IATA qualifications in safety and risk management is clear to me, and I would always hire people who have them, as they will not only have theoretical knowledge, but real understanding and the drive to excel. .

Feedback from everyone who has taken the courses has been very positive, appreciating the delivery team and structure, and we have already started planning that anyone managing or assisting with safety performance and assurance, or risk management, take the course next year. As the courses are held at our company on a private basis, we also intend to invite our pilots, engineers and ground staff to attend, all of whom play a key role in safety. In the future we will definitely do more IATA courses – this was my third risk management course, personally – because curricula change and ideas are updated so we always get something new .