December 7, 2022

Norway and the Benelux region prepare for eVTOL air services

Air taxi services using new eVTOL aircraft are coming to several parts of Europe under a pair of agreements signed this week by Lilium and new customers at the Farnborough Airshow. Between them, Norway-based AAP Aviation Group and ASL Group, which maintains operations in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg, plan to add nearly 50 of the seven-seater Lilium Jet all-electric planes to their fleets.

From Norway, AAP has announced plans to purchase 40 Lilium Jets and develop a network of landing sites across Scandinavia. The company, which specializes in airline crew management, says flights up to around 156 miles will complement existing regional air routes.

Lilium plans to achieve EASA type certification in 2025. The piloted Lilium Jet will fly a distance of 155 miles and at speeds of up to 175 mph. The manufacturer estimates that it could change the design for a version that would accommodate between 10 and 15 seats.

“Due to the mixture of water, terrain and mountains, Norway is particularly well suited for regional air mobility,” said AAP chief executive Espen Hølby. “With its vertical take-off and landing capability, high speed and regional reach, the Lilium Jet can save hours of time compared to current modes of transportation. The performance of the Lilium Jet, its quiet profile and its spacious cabin make it the ideal aircraft to develop sustainable air transport in Scandinavia.

ASL’s deal includes the potential purchase of six Lilium Jets and plans to develop a flight network across the Benelux region. Currently, the company is primarily focused on business jet operations and plans to transition to electric aircraft as part of the Responsible Initiative for Sustainable Environment program it launched in 2020.

“With the highest population density in Europe, the Benelux represents a perfect use case for eVTOL transport, and we are proud to support the development of ASL in the region,” said Daniel Wiegand, CEO of Lilium.